At Harvest Sun Farm we grow healthy and delicious food.  This means our farming practices are based on organic farming principles that ensure the health of the eater, the grower, and the environment alike.

We use crop rotation, cover crops, crop selection and other time-tested agriculture techniques that allow us to grow food in harmony with nature while building our valuable soil.  We do not use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers to manage our crops which are all certified organic. You can learn more about what it means to be certified organic by clicking here. We grow everything we sell right here on our farm!

The foundation of our farming practices and soil health is our cover crop rotation. Each year we leave more than 50 percent of our land fallow in order to let the soil rest and rebuild. By rotating four different cover crops throughout our ground–oats & peas, clover, rye & vetch, and rye–we harvest nitrogen from air and build our soil tilth by adding organic matter and natural fertilizers like manure and minerals to the soil. We believe a successful farm always starts with the stewardship of the soil.



A picturesque panorama of our freshly bedded veggies

We use our Allis Chalmers G with rolling baskets to cultivate and manage weeds organically on our raised beds

A field of buckwheat at sunset. Buckwheat is one of the cover crops we use to build our soil and control weeds. Honeybees love buckwheat's white flowers. If you place your head near the ground, it sounds like a beehive right in the field.

We grow all our own transplants in soil blocks that grow incredibly healthy plants

A lush picture of our four fall cover crop combinations which our so crucial to our soil’s health

Planting out tomato transplants with lots of love. Notice the rye cover crop on the left.