In 2013 our farm received designation as a Century Farm under the Ohio Century Farm program. The program was created by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to recognize the “social, economic, and historic contributions made by Ohio’s founding farm families.” In order to be part of the program, a family must have owned the farm for over 100 years.

Our farm was founded, like so many in our area, by German immigrants who were looking for greater economic opportunity than that available to them in their homeland. They were landless tenant-farmers that also seasonally mired in the muck of Holland’s peat bogs for extra income. They seized the opportunity like so many before and after and left for a fresh start in America.

Our farm was settled by Jeff’s great-great grandparents in 1890, making us the fifth generation to farm the land. We are proud to be part of the Century Farm program and its goal of honoring our state’s agricultural heritage.

We thought we’d share a slideshow of pictures below from the history of our farm and both our families’ agricultural heritage.