Jeff and Deb Eschmeyer both grew up just down the road from what has become Harvest Sun Farm. High school sweethearts from farming families, neither us envisioned a career related to agriculture, food, or rural development upon graduating high school and college.

However, upon learning more about our food system and reflecting on the importance of agriculture and vibrant rural communities–and especially after tasting incredible locally grown foods–we both came to realize just how fortunate we were to have our rural roots.  Since that time we have both worn several hats working on the national, state, and local levels to create a more healthy food system for all–a system that produces healthy food and builds rural communities, and sustains the land.


We purchased our farm from Jeff’s grandmother in 2008, whose family has lived in our home since 1890, making us the fifth generation to farm our land! We are proud to call west-central Ohio our home, to be surrounded by family and friends, and to be a part of our rural community.


Deb getting early tractor training

A young Jeff in front of our fields


We truly have a passion for raising and sharing delicious food because you really can taste the difference when a vegetable is grown in balance with nature, plucked from the plant, and served as fresh as can be. We love raising unique and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that have a flavor and freshness unlike any you’ve ever had before, like Speckled Roman tomatoes, Delicata squash, and garlic scapes. We look forward to sharing our produce and farm with you!

Deb takes care of young tomato transplants

Jeff fixing the roof on the lean-to