We grow from Ageratum to Zinnia and everything in between. Our flower varieties have ranged from: Flossflower, Corn Cockle, Snapdragon, China Aster, Hare’s Ear, Marigold, Celosia, Cosmos, Delphinium, Larkspur, Phlox, Black-eyed-Susan, Strawflower, Statice, Sunflower, and Zinnia.  We love to grow flowers and share them with our customers because they are so beautiful and make us smile. In 2014 we will be offering flower bouquets to be purchased a la carte at CSA pick-up.

A plethora of flowers including Blue Horizon and Statice

A plethora of flowers and colors decorates the farm each year

Playful flower bouquets brighten the packing shed

Snapdragons are one of our absolute favorite flowers

Our flowers attract innumerable butterflies, like this Buckeye butterfly, and keep our beehives busy

We grow zinnias of all shapes and colors