We grew 35 different kinds of produce last season, with about 100 different varieties.  We scour seed catalogs looking for the best and most flavorful varieties each season. We grow some familiar varieties you’ll know and others that will definitely be new to you like Speckled Roman tomatoes, Beer Friend Edamame, or Orion fennel. Many of the varieties we grow will be heirloom, some will not, but they are all grown organically and chosen to provide the most flavorful produce possible.

You can click here to view our produce seasonality chart. You could also check out what veggies were in the share throughout last season by looking at the year’s weekly newsletters by clicking here.

A variety of heirloom tomatoes ready to be picked up by members

This sweet corn lives up to its names — Luscious!

We grew beautiful fall broccoli in 2013 using protective row covers

Flavorful garlic or garlic scapes were in every share in 2013

During the spring and fall nutritious kale & chard are often in the share

We grow a variety of incredible root crops each year

A rainbow of sweet peppers are often accompanied by hot peppers as well

These French heirloom radishes add a great crunch to any salad

Red & white storage onions are a great addition to so many dishes

Winter squash and pie pumpkins are in the late season shares